• Mole (Pronounced MOH-Lay) Poblano

    Create rich and authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine with BB's Mole Poblano Sauce! Experience the velvety texture and enticing aroma as the perfect blend of chocolate, chilies, and spices comes together seamlessly in every jar. Elevate your dishes with BB's Mole Poblano, a delicious embodiment of tradition and goodness. Make your meals memorable with the distinctive taste of BB's Mole Poblano!  Ideal for gifting, it's the perfect way to share the warmth and flavors of the season. 

  • Scones

    Behind every scone we bake lies the heart and soul of the same culinary wizard who brought you BB's Mole Poblano. With a blend of the finest ingredients—flour, sugar, butter, and cream—each scone tells its own flavorful story. Whether it’s the juicy burst of blueberries, the tangy sweetness of cranberries, the decadent touch of chocolate, or the savory surprise of cheese and bacon, every bite is a testament to our passion for perfection. And because we believe in the joy of sharing, we’ve lovingly crafted gluten-free and vegan options, using almond and yuca flour, vegan butter, and cream, ensuring there’s a scone for every palate.

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What Our Customers Say


A Perfect Blend of spices and natural flavors

  • Taste Great

    “Do yourself a favor and try Brenda's Mole!!" – Meredith

  • Secret Sauce

    "Brenda of BB Kitchen is an amazing resource… Her Mole and Scones are the best I ever tasted!” – Diane K.

  • Must have

    “I recently had the pleasure of trying Chief Brenda's Mole Sauce in a beef stew, and I must say, it brought a delightful and unexpected twist to a classic dish.” – Rena R.

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Meet Brenda Backal

I became a Chef by accident, after many degrees I realized I have always loved to cook and entertain others so I began making churros and funnel cakes for my husband's friends for company picnics and birthdays. Soon, orders began pouring in for more and I realized that nothing brought me more joy than seeing people enjoying my food.

My career has put me alongside some of the best Chefs in the business, as well as working with the Los Angeles Rams and as a Personal Chef/Private Chef,  I bring my love of serving and cooking to as many people as I can.Book a consultation to find out how I can help bring your next event to new culinary heights!

You and your family can eat better and healthier with our personal service.